The Best Language Translation Apps For Your Next Trip

best language translation apps


Gone are the days of putting a paper phrasebook in your back pocket when traveling to a place where you don’t speak the language. Although we kinda miss the necessity of memorizing more than a simple “hello” and “thank you,” these apps will help you translate anything you need while traveling.

For The Basics: Google Translate

Oh, Google Translate, you’ve helped us in so many sticky situations. The language translation app has more than 100 languages available. Just be careful with translating really long sentences. Since Google Translate is all done by machine, there are some linguistic nuances it’s not ready for quite yet.

For Cultural Tips: Trip Lingo

If you’re looking for an app that gets more into detail, go with Trip Lingo. In addition to direct translations, this app gives you helpful often-used phrases, etiquette tips and even the low-down on tipping practices.

best language translation apps


For A Trip To Asia: Waygo

Can’t read Chinese hanzi, Japanese kanji and Korean hanja characters? No worries — Waygo has your back. You can take photos of any menus, street signs or receipts and get a translation in English instantly.

Ready to take your language apps to the next level and start learning a new one? We’re big fans of gamified Duolingo, class-like Mondly and, of course, Rosetta Stone (if you can afford the subscription).


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