Insider Tips For Texting Around The World, Because Language Is Wildly Complicated

texting around the world


If you’re a big traveler, you’re bound to collect friends from around the world with whom you want to keep in touch. But if you’re chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or just texting, you might need to adjust to their native lingo and typing shorthand. Here are four phrases you need to know from around the world.


When texting in Spanish, you might see “besos,” “bss” or “bs.” It means “kisses” and it’s a cute way to end messages to friends or to flirt.


Crying is illustrated with “T.T” (a crying face) or “huhuhuhu” (the sound of crying), while laughing is “kekekeke.”


Get ready for abbreviations when texting in French. For example, instead of typing “quelqu’um,” you might see “qqun” — both which are the pronoun for “someone.”

texting around the world



In Russia, what you might see as a typo is actually a smiley face. Instead of a full “:)” you might get a text ending in just “)” — it’s happy or flirtatious.


Watch for “lg” in German. It stands for “liebe Grüße,” which means “kind regards.” You’d send it to friends to cute things up a bit.


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