3 Icelandic Cocktails To Shake Up This Summer

best icelandic cocktails

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Iceland is at the top of everyone’s list of travel destinations. Between geothermal pools, beautiful hiking trails, a culinary scene with over 340 types of fish and a health-focused community, Iceland is in a league of its own. But even if you aren’t traveling to Iceland in the near future, you can still drink from the well of goodness with an Icelandic-inspired cocktail. (And alcohol can be pricey in Iceland, so you’re actually better off doing your Icelandic drinking stateside.) Here are three Icelandic cocktails to shake up this summer.

1. Iceberg Paralyzer

For the white Russian lovers, you’ll be a fan of the iceberg paralyzer. You’ll want to fill a glass to the brim with ice, followed by vodka and Kahlua. After the booze, top off the cocktail with coke and a little bit of milk. The amount of ice is critical if you want to avoid a whole curdling situation with the milk and the coke, so don’t skimp on it. This Iceland-inspired creation is pretty much an extra sweet version of a white Russian.

2. Cranberry Brennivín

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You’re bound to see Brennivín everywhere you go in Iceland and can find it in specialty liquor stores at home. The potent grain spirit is flavored with a ton of caraway, aka the seeds you might recognize from rye bread. The savory spirit might take some getting used to, but it’ll be a refreshing change from your go-to tequila or vodka. To make a cranberry Brennivín, you’ll need pure cranberry juice, Brennivín, lemon juice and simple syrup. Once you shake up the cocktail, serve it on the rocks with ice and a lemon wedge.

3. Reyka Vodka And Pomegranate Juice

The Icelandic Reyka Vodka is handmade and distilled from wheat and barley. It’s considered one of the first, if not the first, “green vodka.” Reyka is made from glacial water that’s drawn from a lava field and it’s distilled using sustainable energy from geothermal heat. Once you get your hands on a bottle of Reyka Vodka, here’s a recipe for a bubbly cocktail made with pomegranate juice, mint leaves, honey and sparkling wine. Your vodka cranberry just got an Icelandic makeover.


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