7 Foolproof Father’s Day Gifts That Will Save Your Dad Money

best gifts on father's day

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This year, instead of buying your dad a mug or a t-shirt, get your dad a gift that’ll end up saving him money. Buy him something practical that’ll show him you’ve matured a little bit. Prove you have some financial common sense, which is always reassuring for parents. Here are seven foolproof Father’s Day gifts that’ll save your dad money.

1. Sous Vide Cooker

Whether or not your dad likes to cook, a sous vide machine is an awesome gift idea. Sous vide, which means under vacuum, lets you cook just about anything to your perfect temperature. If your dad likes to grill, chances are he’s screwed up some nice cuts of steak or fish before. You can find one on Amazon for $70 and it’ll be worth it to prevent any further cooking errors.

A sous vide machine lets you set the exact temperature you want so you can walk away while it’s cooking. Your dad can go watch a movie and come back and the burgers will be perfectly cooked. For that nice golden brown color, you can sear your food ahead of the sous vide process, or at the end.

best gifts on father's day


2. Solar Power Backpack

Help Dad go green and buy him a solar power backpack. It’ll charge all kinds of smartphones, cameras and other electronics in less than five hours. The backpack is powered by the three-watt integrated solar panel right on the front. It’ll only run you $35 for this backpack, so you won’t break the bank yourself. And having a solar power backpack might help your dad save money he’d otherwise spend on the electric bill.

3. Beer Of The Month Club

For all of the craft beer-loving dads out there, you can’t beat access to a beer of the month club. Treat Dad to a few beers every month and let him save a few bucks. You can sign your dad up for the Rare Beer Club for $37 a month, the U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club for $28 a month or simply buy him a few six packs of his favorites.

4. Dollar Shave Club

Gift your old man all of the grooming equipment that he needs to look spiffy. If he’s buying razors at the drug store, treat him to a membership with the Dollar Shave Club. You can pick how many months you want to gift at a time. You can gift three months for $55, six months for $85 and twelve months for $140. The first month he’ll get a traveling case, Dr. Carver’s shave butter, Dr. Carver’s post-shave cream and a razor handle. After the first month, Dad will get monthly replacement cartridges.

5. Hot Sauce Subscription Box

For the dad who puts hot sauce on just about anything, get him a hot sauce subscription box. This way you’ll guarantee your dad never runs out of the fiery stuff. Based on your pop’s heat level preferences you’ll find all kinds of themed hot sauce subscriptions starting at $30 each.

best gifts on father's day


6. French Press

For any dad who loves coffee, treat him to a stainless steel French press or get him an Amazon gift card so he can pick it out himself. It’s insanely easy to use. Buy your dad a bag of his favorite coffee and he won’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money on coffee every week. Learning how to work the French press is an awesome skill for your dad to have. It looks like you’ll be saving money on coffee the next time you go home.

7. A Year Of Amazon Prime

Instead of getting dad personalized gifts, get him a year membership of Amazon Prime. It’s a little steep with an annual fee of $119 or you could stick with a three-month gift deal for $39. An Amazon Prime membership includes free two-day shipping, free two-hour delivery, Alexa deals, restaurant delivery, Whole Foods benefits, unlimited video streaming, unlimited photo storage, one free e-book per month, exclusive phone discounts and more.

Whether dad wants to order himself a whiskey barrel, vitamins, golf balls, levis, movies or a smoothie machine — it’ll be up to him and he’ll have all of the Amazon perks while he’s at it.


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