5 Of The Coolest Eco-Friendly Hotels Around The World

best eco-friendly hotels


It’s not just hippy backpackers trying to save the planet. Hotels around the world are going green, and some of them have features beyond our wildest luxury dreams.

Now, you probably can’t casually book one of these for your next birthday getaway (we wish), but they are just too amazing not to wanderlust after a little bit. Plus, you can feel good about having these spots on your wishlist since they’re making an effort to be eco-friendly.

1. Tierra Patagonia — Torres del Paine National Park, Chile


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Tierra Patagonia was designed to blend right into the land outside Torres del Paine National Park and inspired by the wind coming in off of the adjacent alpine lake. The flowing architecture houses a hotel that prioritizes energy efficiency and participates in a reforestation program.

You can take hiking or horseback riding trips from the hotel into the national park and relax in the outdoor hot tub or indoor steam room.

2. Proximity Hotel — Greensboro, North Carolina


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Solar panels, geothermal energy, natural lighting and recycled materials make this hotel one of the greenest in the country. It’s located in one of the coolest up-and-coming cities in the south — think microbreweries and coffee shops galore. There’s an in-resident artist and live music throughout the week, nearby jogging trails and an onsite spa, and you can rent a bike to explore the grounds to continue the sustainability efforts.

3. Al Natural Resort — Panama


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There are only seven bungalows at this resort, with activities ranging from paddle boarding to snorkeling. And the resort was created with the intention of having minimal impact on the tropical environment around it, using solar panels for energy and clever building techniques to keep things cool.

4. Amangiri — Canyon Point, Utah


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A signature aspect of an eco-friendly hotel is designing the place to look like its natural surroundings, but nowhere does it quite like Amangiri. The resort is located near Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and Monument Valley and mimics these landforms. Besides rooms, it houses a spa, complete with a crystal sound bath. Hello, relaxation.

5. Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel — Valais, Switzerland


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These pods in Switzerland are the epitome of indulgent sustainability. It’s a glamping concept where the stove heating (using a limited amount of wood from surrounding forests) and the geometric shape of the pods contribute to an all-around earth-friendly concept. And, even better, you’re sleeping on the side of a Swiss mountain.


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