Visit The 10 Greenest Cities In The U.S. For Eco-Friendly Vacays


You don’t have to go all the way to Costa Rica for a green vacation. We’ve got some seriously great eco-friendly destinations right here in the states.

A recent Reward Expert study compared 53 of the America’s largest cities to assess which deserves the title of the most green. The research examined ecotourism options, public transportation, lifestyle, environment and energy use. Here’s which metros made the top 10.

1. San Francisco, California

San Fran is home of national parks, beautiful spaces and fantastic public transportation. The city has the most certified green hotels and more farmers’ markets and community gardens per capita than any other town in the country.

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2. Boston, Massachusetts

It’s the greenest city on the entire East Coast, full of leafy streets and easy public transportation.

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3. Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s capital boasts the best bike share program in the country and tons of green jobs.

4. Portland, Oregon

There are nearly 500 farmers’ markets in Portland and plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in nearby nature.

5. Minneapolis, Minnesota

The most bike-friendly city in the country also has some of the best drinking water in the U.S.

6. Seattle, Washington

Not to be outdone by hipster neighbor Portland, Seattle ensures planet-friendly energy policies for the city.

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7. Austin, Texas

Austin keeps it weird and green, with some of the country’s best green spaces.

8. Atlanta, Georgia

The greenest city in the south offers amazing urban parks with plenty of green.

9. Denver, Colorado

Denver’s ecotourism due to the nearby Rockies is almost as good as its mountains of breweries.

10. Chicago, Illinois

It’s the biggest city in the midwest and it has parks along lakes, rivers and skyscrapers.