4 Global Foods You Need To Eat At A Christmas Market

best christmas market food

Unsplash/Alisa Anton

Besides shopping for presents for any and everybody in your life, Christmas markets are jam-packed with foods that beg for holiday snacking. These four foods from around the world are must-eats whether you’re at a market in the United States or in Europe.

1. Trdelnik — Czech Republic

best christmas market food


Trdelnik is a piece of dough that’s wrapped around a stick, grilled and covered in powdered sugar. It’s basically a Czech donut and you can find these in Prague during any season — not just Christmas market time. At home, you’d be more likely to see them during the holidays.

2. Poffertjes — Netherlands

best christmas market food


These Dutch mini pancakes are often served with butter and sugar. Varieties can include maple sugar or sometimes chocolate. If you can find these babies in the States, snap ’em up.

3. Raclette — Switzerland

best christmas market food

Flickr CC/Marco Verch

This alpine cheese is melted on top of all sorts of good stuff, from potatoes to meat to baguettes. But the most authentic version is scraped onto the top directly from the block of cheese. Umm, more cheese, please.

4. Gluhwein — Any Christmas Market Worth A Festive Look

best christmas market food

Flickr CC/currystrumpet

Also known as mulled wine, this festive drink is red wine filled with spices (cinnamon, ginger, galangal, cloves, long pepper, nutmeg, marjoram and cardamom). You definitely need a glass or two while wandering.


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