8 CBD Edibles That Will Bring A New Level Of Chill To Your Life

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We all have days when we need a little assistance destressing from work, a rough first date or Mercury hanging out in retrograde for way too long. And if restorative yoga and the glitteriest bath bomb in the world just aren’t doing the trick, it’s time to turn to the wonderful little hemp plant for some sweet, tasty relief.

These CBD-infused edible products boast major relaxation benefits, thanks to the cannabidiol in the hemp plant, and skip the THC-based psychoactive high that would make them not so legal in quite a few states. They also come in at $40 or less, so they can be factored into your monthly budget fairly easily. Get ready to feel all sorts of chill.

1. CBD Living Water — $7.99



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This magical water exists, thanks to the wonders of nanotechnology. It has a healthy pH of 7.4, as well as a boost of CBD, vitamin B12, and heart-healthy CoQ10 and D-Ribose. Each of these nutrients is reduced to one-millionth of their standard size before being infused in the water, making them more readily available for your cells to use as you drink. Hydrate those stresses away!

2. Paradise Candy CBD Infused Caramels — $8.95

Werther’s has got nothin’ on these babies. Each pack of creamy caramels from Paradise Candy comes with four 10-milligram pieces. And because they literally melt in your mouth, your body will absorb the CBD efficiently, leaving you feeling nice and zen. We recommend stocking up with a few boxes at a time.

3. Flaming Hot CBD Weetos  — $27.99

Yes, your favorite savory snack got a hemp makeover, and it’s glorious. Flaming Hot CBD Weetos (see what they did there?) are spicy puffs of hot magic, and each bag is packed with 100 milligrams of CBD. We definitely suggest sharing with these chippies with a friend or two.

4. Diamond CBD Infused Gummy Bears — $9.99



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If that sweet tooth is nagging you, give these gummy bears a try. They’re cute and just the right amount of chewy, and each bag contains 30 milligrams of CBD over four to six gummy bears. Again, we think it’s worth buying a couple bags of these at a time because four gummy bears will disappear before you know it.

5. Luce Farm Hemp-Infused Honey — $40



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This hemp honey hits right at our target maximum price, but it’s totally worth it. It’s a natural sweetener for any tea, breakfast or dessert, and it includes only three simple ingredients: full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, organic coconut oil and raw Vermont honey. This jar contains 36 teaspoon servings, each of which includes 10 milligrams of CBD, so it should also last you a while. Sweet relief is on its way.

6. Level+ Coava Cold Brew — $12



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If you’re feeling exhausted but you’re worried a jolt of caffeine will leave you too jittery, just balance it out with a microdose of CBD. This cold brew concoction from Level+ and Coava Coffee Roasters is the ideal pick-me-up for anyone who has existing anxiety issues but still can’t seem to part with their beloved cup of Joe. You’ll be feeling level-headed and focused in no time.

7. Kuza 62% Grenadian Dark Chocolate with India Chilli — $28



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There is seriously no better pairing than chocolate and CBD, and this artisanal bar really gets the job done. The cacao is harvested from the Nonpareil Estate in Grenada, and it’s full of woody, spicy and buttery flavor notes. Pair that with 200 milligrams of quality cannabis extract and a sprinkling of Indian chilli, and you have the most heavenly dessert ever.

8. Cannabidiol Life Oil — $39.95



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Last but not least, we have your classic edible CBD oil you can simply drop under your tongue for pretty much instantaneous full-body relaxation. This 250-milligram bottle hits our price point perfectly, and the full-spectrum help oil makes it mighty effective. Remember: Start out with a small dose and see how your body adjusts before really going for it.

NOTE: CBD is not currently legal for purchase in all 50 states.