9 Surprising Ways To Beat Belly Bloat


Belly bloat can be one of the most uncomfortable and unnerving dietary struggles out there. Despite our best efforts to eat well and exercise, it seems to just come out of nowhere and stick around for days. It’s not ideal at any point in time, but it’s especially unwelcome in the summer months and beach season. Ugh.

Luckily, there are plenty of belly bloat cures out there to get you feeling comfortable in your tightest skinny jeans (or as comfortable as you can realistically get in any skinny jeans) in no time. And some of them may surprise you.

1. Drink more water.


It sounds counterintuitive to fill your stomach with even more, but it’s the way to go. Your body is less likely to retain water if it isn’t fighting to stay hydrated, so give your body what it needs. If you want an added boost, squeeze a lemon wedge into your water and enjoy it when you wake up in the morning.

2. Lose the chewing gum.


Even when you aren’t blowing bubbles as big as your head, chewing your favorite stick of gum encourages swallowing of excess air, which can build up in your stomach and leave you feeling pretty blegh. Ditch the habit for a happier tummy.

3. Double up on potassium.


This one is for the day after you’ve downed half a late-night pizza (it’s okay, we do it too). Balanced potassium levels can help counter salty overindulgence, regulating your fluid balance and easing bloat. Bring on the bananas.

4. Keep the coffee (or tea) coming.


The diuretic effects of coffee and tea can go a long way when you feel like you’re carrying around excess water weight. Just don’t overdo it because you might inspire the opposite extreme dietary response that is just as undesirable (if not more so) than belly bloat.

5. Slow down.


Chew. Your. Food. We are all so used to multitasking our meals and eating so fast these days that our digestive systems just can’t keep up. Scarfing down big meals leads to additional gas buildup in your stomach, making that food baby twice as big. Pass.

6. Go green.


Asparagus has natural diuretic properties thanks to amino acid asparagine, which helps reduce that uncomfortable belly bloat. Another green to consider is spinach since it helps push fiber through your digestive tract. Yummy.

7. Watch that artificial sweetener. 


Artificially sweetened foods often substitute normal sugar with sugar alcohol, which can cause bloating when consumed in high quantities. So cut out (or at least limit) the fake stuff and your body will thank you.

8. Spice it up.


Cayenne, turmeric and ginger are all miracle workers when it comes to belly bloat. Cayenne stimulates your metabolism to digest things more effectively, turmeric has strong detoxifying properties and ginger is the ultimate stomach soother. We’re all about this trifecta.

9. Relax.


This one actually has nothing to do with what you eat (or don’t eat). Instead, it’s about the natural connection between your mind and your gut. When you’re stressed AF, your stomach deals with the consequences, so take a moment to practice some deep breathing, mindfulness or meditation techniques and see how much better your entire body can feel.