This Burger Bun Hack Is Pure Genius

avocado bun


The keto diet has inspired a lot of… interesting health trends over the course of the past year. We’re watching more and more people indulge in bacon and eggs every single morning for breakfast in the name of health, stock up on “fat bombs” at snack time and throw chunks of grass-fed butter into their coffee cups without so much as a second thought. But we gotta admit β€” the latest carb-avoidance trick in this diet trend is pure genius.

Enter: The avocado bun. The concept is stupidly simple. Instead of sandwiching your favorite burger patty and toppings in between two pieces of carb-heavy, empty calorie-laden bread, all you have to do is slice an avocado down the middle, remove the pit and place your beloved burger in between the two halves.

Is that a lot of avocado in one meal? Definitely. Is it delicious? Absolutely.

While most nutritionists won’t recommend frequently downing an entire avocado at a single meal alongside a heavy burger patty and whatever other toppings you desire, the avocado does boast a lot more nutrients than your standard potato bun. The pitted, creamy fruit is chock full of healthy, monounsaturated fats that keep your heart and skin healthy. It also has more potassium than a banana and lots of good-for-you dietary fiber.

Avocados are highly caloric, though, so if you’re going to make this swap, indulge in a burger only a couple of times a month or make some healthy changes to what you’re sandwiching in between those avocado slices. Trade the beef for homemade veggie burgers or even turkey burgers to up the nutritional value of your meal. And if you pair it with some lovely salad greens instead of salty French fries, you’ll fare even better.

We might doubt the legitimacy of the keto diet often, but we think this delicious and oh-so-pretty food trend is certainly one worth trying at least once. Because seriously, who can resist a perfectly ripe avocado?

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