6 Workout Classes That Let You Exercise Alongside Animals

workout classes with animals

Solaris Stable & Yoga Studio

Most of us would love to be stronger, healthier versions of ourselves, but getting our butts to the packed gym that smells of other people’s sweat can feel impossible sometimes… especially when the weather is cold and dreary. So if you’re looking for more motivation to work out this winter, consider trying one of these six classes that let you work on your gains while surrounded by various animals. We think the idea of exercising is considerably more appealing when you know that you can cuddle up with a furry friend at the end of the class.

1. Goat Yoga — Original Goat Yoga, Nationwide

workout classes with animals

Lainey Morse

You may not expect it, but goats are surprisingly friendly and willing to cuddle with you as you perfect your yoga poses. That’s why goat yoga is becoming increasingly popular among trendy fitness fiends.

Yoga led by the Original Goat Yoga studio isn’t just about getting a workout in among cute animals — it’s also about stress relief through animal therapy. After all, when a cuddly goat climbs on your back during child’s pose, it’s difficult to keep from cracking a smile. The first Original Goat Yoga class was held at a barn in Oregon, but due to its popularity, additional locations quickly popped up across the United States. You can now participate in goat yoga at locations in California, Illinois, Kentucky, New York, Michigan, Orlando, Oregon and Pennsylvania. Classes start at $35 per person.

2. Dog-And-Owner Workout Classes — K9FitClub, Nationwide


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You and your dog both need exercise, so why not work out together? That’s the theory behind this unique gym’s workout classes led by expert trainers who help you and your pup burn calories and tone up. K9FitClub founder Tricia Montgomery came up with the concept after she and her beloved Basset hound Louie were able to kick their excess weight to the curb by working out together. Tricia lost 130 pounds while Louie lost 4 pounds. K9FitClub locations can be found all over the United States, anywhere from Arkansas to Los Angeles. Classes offered include one called Butts, Guts & Mutts where you and your pup sweat it out with extra emphasis on toning the glute and abdominal areas.

3. Cat Yoga — Meow Parlour, Lower Manhattan, New York City


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Manhattan’s Meow Parlour is both a cat café where you can enjoy macaroons and coffee in the presence of free-roaming cats and a place where you can practice yoga surrounded by felines. Imagine moving into downward-facing dog as kitties purr and rub against you. Sounds like a cat lover’s dream, right? The best part: All of the cats that you meet during your yoga class are adoptable. A $22 Yoga & Kitties session at Meow Parlour will get you 30 minutes of “kitty time” where you can play and meet the cats, 45 minutes beginner-friendly yoga and a 15-minute cool-down session.

4. Alpaca Dance Classes — AlpacaZone Dance & Fitness, Canada

workout classes with animals


AlpacaZone offers a variety of different dance classes for kids and adults alike. The hook? You’ll be dancing among actual free-roaming alpacas. Classes offered include Alpaca Zumba, Irish Dance, Poppin’ Pacas and even a class for toddlers and new mommies adorably called Mommy, The Alpacas & Me. Each class is 45 minutes long, and students are allowed to socialize and take pictures with the alpacas for 15 minutes at the end of the class. All classes are held outdoors at an alpaca farm in Canada.

5.  Horse Yoga — Solaris Stable & Yoga Studio, Virginia

workout classes with animals

Solaris Stable & Yoga Studio

Yet another class that allows you to perfect your yoga poses in the company of a beautiful animal! But in this case, you’re doing yoga on the horse rather than next to it. That might sound a little scary, but it could be a great way for expert yogis to find a new challenge. Also, if you happen to ride horses, this class is designed to make you a better rider, too. Each Yoga with Horses class begins with pranayama breathing practices, which are useful for riders and non-riders alike. The bulk of the class then focuses on mounted yoga poses that are meant to “build core strength, balance, flexibility, self-carriage and centeredness.” Whatever the case, you’ll look super badass doing yoga on a horse.

6. Dolphin Yoga — The Mirage, Las Vegas


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Las Vegas is home to many out-of-this-world experiences, dolphin yoga being one of them. On your next trip to Vegas, take a break from the slots and head to Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, an animal sanctuary at the Mirage Hotel that hosts bottlenose dolphins, along with other animals. Among other experiences, the sanctuary offers guests an hour-long dolphin yoga session. You won’t actually be doing yoga on the dolphins, but you’ll be striking poses in the sanctuary’s dolphin underwater viewing area, separated from the dolphins only by a pane of glass.

Holding a warrior pose as a dolphin swims by you sounds like a unique experience to us. If you choose to participate in dolphin yoga at the Mirage, in addition to the hour-long yoga session, you’ll also be granted full access to the hotel’s spa and given a complimentary smoothie. Cheers to a true day of much-needed pampering!


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