Amazon’s Alexa Can Make You A Better Cook With This New Kitchen Feature

Amazon Speaker Morton Salting Sous Chef

Unsplash/Jennifer Pallian

Anyone with Amazon’s Echo speaker can vouch that life became way easier once Alexa became involved. You can change your playlist while your hands are covered in BBQ sauce and check the weather while you’re still in the shower. It’s almost too convenient. In addition to all of the hands-free upgrades, Alexa can work just as well in the kitchen. Amazon’s Alexa has a new skill called the “Morton Salting Sous Chef,” which teaches you how to season over 4,000 types of dishes.

When it comes to seasoning, a lot of improvisation is usually involved. Salt, pepper, herbs and spices can take an average dish and make it a restaurant-quality one. When you’re trying to cook, but you have to check your phone or laptop every two seconds for recipes or tips, it gets pretty annoying with messy hands. That’s where a hands-free speaker comes in clutch.

The Salting Sous Chef gives salting secrets and hacks that you probably wouldn’t have come up with on your own. It’ll suggest adding a pinch of salt to your coffee, instead of sugar, to counteract the bitterness and give pointers on how to clean your cast iron pan using only a potato and kosher salt.

Amazon Speaker Morton Salting Sous Chef

Unsplash/Taylor Kiser

Alexa’s new kitchen skill is free and available through the Amazon Echo or Amazon Prime through the Amazon App. It’ll come in handy for any questions you have when it comes to seasoning throughout the cooking or baking process. All you have to say is, “Alexa, open Morton” and then ask away.

The next time your hands are covered in raw eggs and you need to know how much salt goes into your cheddar and chive biscuits, this new Alexa feature has got you covered.


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