4 Secrets To Keeping Destination Bachelorette Parties Affordable

affordable destination bachelorette parties

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Hello, lucky maid of honor, and welcome to bachelorette party planning! If you’ve already gone through the fun of hosting a bridal shower, congratulations — this is the fun one. But as entertaining as bachelorette parties can be, getting all of the details right can be a challenge. It’s going to mean a lot of planning coffee dates with the bride to make sure the party of her dreams is affordable for the guest list of her dreams.

Even if the bride wants to have a giant bash, there are some considerations to take into account if everyone can’t quite take off for a week-long spree through the Greek islands.

1. Choosing Where To Go

affordable destination bachelorette parties

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No matter what kind of trip is on the table, we suggest having a candid conversation with everyone invited about money. Or if the bride has friends you don’t know as well, she can talk to them to get a handle on everyone’s financial situation. Yes, it’s her party, but she wants to make sure everyone can attend.

If all attendees are coming from the same location…

You have a ton of flexibility, but the top suggestion we have is choosing a road trip. Pile all the guests into a car or two and drive somewhere a couple of hours away from home, whether it’s a cabin for some R&R, a nearby city for a new adventure or even somewhere like Las Vegas, Nashville or Atlantic City.

If people are coming from different directions…

We all know that the more time passes after college graduation, the further the friend group sprawls. So if you’re planning a trip for far-scattered attendees, that blunt convo about costs is even more important. If some guests live too far away to buy a plane ticket for the wedding and to a destination bachelorette party, you either need to think about relocating the party or graciously accepting some “no” RSVPs.

2. Picking Where To Stay

affordable destination bachelorette parties

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Obviously, the dream is to have a nearby destination where a friend or family member has a fabulous house that you’re welcome to take over for the weekend. But if that’s not in the cards (bummer), consider the following.

If travel costs are extensive…

Search on Booking.com, Airbnb and Groupon for discount accommodations a little ways away from the action. That’ll keep costs low and you can split rideshare costs home at the end of the night if you don’t have a car.

If travel costs are minimal…

Still check out the deals, but you can focus on accommodations a little closer to whatever activities are calling to you. But we suggest keeping the costs below $50 per person at most. That’s $200 a room if you can fit two guests in each bed in a double bed hotel room.

3. Planning What To Do

affordable destination bachelorette parties

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Let’s say it one more time: Have lots of honest conversations with the bride. There are plenty of expectations surrounding a bachelorette party, and not all of them are what every bride-to-be wants. So talk to your friend about what she’s thinking and then tally up potential costs. Try to keep pricey activities to a minimum, like spend one night in and one night out, cooking one dinner and eating one at a restaurant, and one mimosa brunch and one quick donut-and-coffee stop.

4. Nix Gifts

affordable destination bachelorette parties

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Let’s be honest: The gift haul for getting married is getting a bit insane. We’re talking the engagement party, bridal shower, lingerie shower and bachelorette party and then the actual wedding gifts. It’s enough. You have enough stuff coming your way, soon-to-be-weds. So make sure everyone attending the bachelorette party knows that there’s no need to bring a present. And if guests can’t bear to show up empty-handed, tell them to bring cupcakes or a bottle of champagne.


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