Daily Fit 07/23/2019: 9 Healthy Prepackaged Desserts

9 healthy prepackaged desserts

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Health Tip Of The Day: Packaged desserts don’t need to throw your health off-kilter. We compiled nine nutritious desserts that conquer your severe sweet tooth.

Dessert On A Healthy Diet

Sugar is scientifically addictive and it can be difficult to curb those sweet-tooth cravings without consuming massive amounts of it, as well as unhealthy fats. This is especially true given that most go-to desserts are prepackaged. Dessert typically doesn’t provide the nutrients you need, but some more wholesome varieties are certainly healthier than that pint of chocolate ice cream you were planning to down later (no judgment).

Our Favorite Picks

Dark chocolate almonds, granola cookies and eclair dessert bars, oh my! We’ve compiled nine sweet treats you can indulge in without those heaps of sugar you might typically find in the closest grocery store. Because sometimes a homemade chia pudding just doesn’t hit the spot. You’re welcome! [Swirled]

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“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

— Charles M. Schulz

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