Daily Fit 07/08/2019: You Probably Don’t Do This

You probably don't do this

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Workout Tip Of The Day: Add single-leg training to your weekly workout routine to improve your balance, bilateral strength and help prevent future injuries.

Why It’s Important

Adding single-leg exercises to your weekly workout routine will help you develop better balance and strengthen your limbs equally so that one side isn’t doing more work than the other. If you never train your legs individually, you could end up overtraining and overusing your dominant side, which can lead to injuries and joint pain down the line. Single-leg work is also a surprisingly great way to train your core because most of these exercises require you to engage it like crazy to maintain your balance. In most of the movements we do in everyday life — like running, walking and climbing stairs — we don’t keep both of our feet on the ground at all times. Single-leg exercises can help us become stronger and more effective when performing these everyday moves.

How To Do It

You can pretty much turn any traditional strength-training exercise into a single-leg move. Try single-leg squats in place of traditional squats, single-leg deadlifts in place of regular deadlifts and add side lunges and single-leg step-ups to your weekly workout routine. When doing single-leg exercises, remember to use lighter weights than you’d normally use. You’re using a single limb to support your entire body weight during these exercises, so you naturally won’t be able to lift as much weight. It’s very important to maintain the correct form when performing single-leg exercises and to keep your body weight centered, so be sure not to compromise your workout by lifting weights that are too heavy. Click through for more tips and tricks that’ll help you seamlessly add single-leg exercises to your weekly workout regimen. [STACK]

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