5 Apps That Can Help Maintain Your Work-Life Balance

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If you’re living a normal human life, you probably know what it feels like to lose track of your priorities and feel like your work is taking over your life. We’ve all been told to stay off email before bed and not to say yes to everything. But sometimes that’s not enough. The work-life balance apps below are a great way to keep yourself on track and maintain your sanity.

1. Timenye  — Free for personal use, $9 for teams up to 5 (iOS/Android)

This time-tracking app assesses the way you use your apps and shows you your time management habits. It connects to the apps you already use for time management and scheduling, like Basecamp, Asana and Google Calendar. Once it’s learned enough about you, it will suggest time entries for you to get shit done.

2. Breathe — Free (iOS)

The Breathe app checks in on you a few times a day, starting in the morning by asking you how you’re feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. It offers a variety of four-to-10-minute meditation audio sessions you can tune into, or if you prefer to create your own, the app lets you do that, too. Its main focus is to take you out of a stressful state to help you…just breathe for five minutes.

3. Way Of Life — Free (iOS/Android)

If you can’t get a handle on your work-life balance, have you considered how factors like lack of sleep and missing meals could be contributing to your stress? This app helps you get rid of bad habits by enabling you to plot daily, weekly and monthly goals. It checks in with you throughout the day. It also features interactive bar charts to help you track your progress.

4. Stress Tracker — Free (iOS/Android)

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Sometimes it’s just as simple as logging your stress levels on a daily basis. This app encourages you to record how stressed you are each day, as well as the potential causes and symptoms. The goal is to show you patterns in your routine that are causing more stress than you need and to help you avoid the triggers that get to you most.

5. BreakFree — Free (iOS/Android)

If you believe you’re not addicted to your phone, you either have incredible self-control or you’re out of touch with reality. It’s nothing to be ashamed of — we’re in this with you. This app aims to break you of your screen-time addiction by tracking your phone usage. It counts how many times you unlock your device and how many minutes you’re on your phone. At the end of each day, it gives you a score, based on what it observed.