How To Pack Heavy-Duty Winter Clothes In A Carry-On Suitcase

winter packing tips

Unsplash/Wang Xi

Cuddly winter clothing can be a strain on your suitcase. However, you can absolutely make your vacation work without bringing your entire closet. If you’re a ski bunny packing your snow pants, you probably need a checked bag, but if you’re doing city wandering or some light adventuring, you can make a carry-on work with these tricks.

Wear your heaviest coat while traveling.

Even better, bring just one coat. We know it can be tempting to bring your fluffy winter jacket and a sleek peacoat, but since both take up oodles of space, stick to one.

And always wear your snow boots.

They’re heavy, they’re clunky, they’re not the comfiest for a plane. However, they’ll take up most of the space in your suitcase if you don’t wear them, so suck it up and stomp those boots on your travel days.

Basically, dress for the airport like you’re going skiing.

Layer yourself up for the airport like you’re headed to the slopes. That means your bulkiest sweater and largest blanket scarf. You can always stuff the excess layers under the seat in front of you during your flight.

winter packing tips

Unsplash Adrian Infernus

Think in layers.

Instead of bringing a couple of giant sweaters for a top layer, bring several long-sleeve shirts to go under one sweater while still creating a different outfit. It’s the capsule wardrobe method — lots of separate pieces that can fit with any outfit.

Roll your socks inside of your boots.

Smartwool is amazing and necessary when it gets chilly. But those big ol’ cozy socks take up a lot of space. So stuff ’em inside the pairs of shoes you’re packing in your suitcase to save a little bit of extra room.

Bring accessories in neutral colors.

Treat hats, mittens, scarves and such as part of your capsule wardrobe. You want them to go with any outfit you could pull out of your suitcase.

Pack scarves last.

Scarves can fill in any little holes in your suitcase without taking up real space. Just pop them in at the end for the easiest end results.


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