Wine Water Lets You Enjoy Everything You Love About Vino Without The Hangover

wine water


Wine lovers who actually enjoy the taste of the grapes will appreciate this new, thirst-quenching invention. Israeli startup Wine Water Ltd. created a non-alcoholic drink called O. Vine, which lets you enjoy the essence of a bottle of wine without the hangover.

Wine water,¬†while not yet available for purchase, is part of the “near water” beverage category right next to seltzers. It’s a light, refreshing and non-alcoholic alternative to a bottle of wine. Perfect for summer sipping, O. Vine has the appearance of a light wine and combines the natural essence of grapes with pure spring water. Each bottle of O. Vine holds 350 milliliters of wine water and offers up the health benefits of wine’s antioxidants without the alcohol component.

The O.Vine line comes in two still beverages and two carbonated drinks, both in red and white varieties. The red is made with grapes from cabernet, merlot and syrah, while the white is made with grapes from riesling¬†and gew√ľrztraminer (a white wine grape with a pink¬†skin color and rose, passion fruit and floral notes).

This wine grape-infused water is for consumers who may not be able to drink wine but would still like to experience the sensation and participate in the social activity with their friends. There’s also an environmentally-friendly component to wine water since the company is upcycling excess wine ingredients in the process, so sustainability-minded folks, keep your¬†eyes peeled for when O. Vine becomes available to the general public.

Unless you’re a loyal two-buck chuck¬†fan and you only buy cheap wine to get your buzz on, O. Vine sounds like an awesome vino alternative for those hot summer days.


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