Daily Fit 06/24/2019: Why Fit Bodies Need Mobility Training

Why fit bodies need mobility training

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Workout Tip Of The Day: Add Functional Range Conditioning to your weekly workout routine to improve joint function, avoid injury and increase flexibility and mobility.

What is Functional Range Conditioning?

Thanks to our sedentary lifestyles and the fact that we tend to perform most exercises in the sagittal plane of motion (a.k.a moving forward and backward), our mobility has suffered and we’re often bad at performing basic human movements. That’s why Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is all the rage right now among top trainers. FCR training is based on the principle that optimal mobility means your ability to control and move your body in the way you want to without any pain. Mobility is the extent to which you can actively move your joints through their full range of motion with control. While flexibility is passive, to achieve optimal mobility you need to be both strong and flexible.

Why is it important and how do you do it?

In this day and age, we could all afford to be a little more mobile. Even if you’re super flexible and you have really good range of motion, without mobility, you won’t be able to control that range. This puts you at risk for developing strains and injuries and it also makes your workouts less effective. Think about it: you can’t perform a perfect deep squat without good ankle mobility. Functional Range Conditioning trains your mobility at the ankles, hips, knees and shoulders allowing you to move more fluidly and with control. Some popular FRC exercises include the axial rotation in bear sit, the swimmer hover in combat and the butterfly in 90/90. Click through to learn how to do them. [Furthermore]

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