Whiskey-Infused Caramel Corn Is A Thing And We’re All About It


Nashville is known for a lot of cool things: hot chicken, country music and Oprah, to name a few. And it’s officially time for us to add Prohibition Popcorn to that list.

Handmade in Nashville, Tennesse, Prohibition Popcorn is made using a dual-cooking process. Each batch is light, airy, infused with whiskey and melts in your mouth. This boozy popcorn is the creation of Rodney Thompson, the co-founder of Two Thompsons Catering. The company uses a popcorn called Monster Mushroom popcorn, which stands up really well to thick glazes.

Whiskey popcorn AKA adult caramel corn is made with butter, agave nectar, brown sugar and whiskey. The popcorn is slathered with the glaze, mixed and then spread out on large sheet pans to cool. It then goes into the oven to add an extra layer of caramelization before it’s bottled up for retail.

You can buy Prohibition Popcorn for $12 online. If you like whiskey and popcorn, you’re gonna want to order yourself a jar (or two — or three) for all of your snacking needs.

[h/t Delish]