4 Ways To Fulfill Your Ultimate Glamping Fantasies

where to go glamping


Here’s the cool thing about glamping: You can choose to experience as much or as little real nature as you want, but it almost always comes with some pretty spectacular views. You can glamp in an open-air tent or you can cozy up in a cabin. But how do you find those upscale camping accommodations, you ask? These four methods can help you decide if you’ll stay in a yurt or an igloo.

1. Glamping.com

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You’ll find tents, villas, tipis and cabins on Glamping.com. The site’s offerings are broken down by type, so if you know you want to sleep in a pod, you won’t have to sift through listings for huts. But no matter what, it’ll be luxurious.

2. Airbnb

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Airbnb has a cool feature where you can tailor your search to “unique homes.” So if you wanna sleep in a yurt, igloo, bus or even wilder options, you can exclusively pick from untraditional home rentals — like a treehouse in Australia.

3. Glamping Hub

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Glamping Hub offers more than 25,000 sites to choose from, and you can even cater your search to a trendy theme. Drawn towards “Game of Thrones” wilderness experiences? You can find Dothraki-type campsites in Southern Spain or King’s Landing inspired-castle stays.

4. Booking.com

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There’s an entire section on Booking.com dedicated to luxury tents. And isn’t that basically the definition of glamping? But if you want to reach a little further outside the box, you can search campsites, farm stays or cottages. Or an entire villa. You do you.


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