It’s About To Be A Lot Easier To Find RXBARs In Your Local Grocery Store


Our favorite indie snack bar is going big time with a little help from an old-school cereal maker. Kellogg Company recently announced their purchase of Chicago Bar Company, AKA the manufacturer of the glorious RXBAR, for a whopping $600 million.

While some might be stressed about the cereal giant’s impact on this simplistic, no BS brand, we’re hopeful that the acquisition will leave the snack bar recipes just as they are and, instead, make these gems more widely available throughout supermarkets across the country.

There’s no doubt that RXBARs have developed a clear cult following — and not just because their bars taste delicious. Each ingredients label is as simple as it gets, full of whole food ingredients and void of all chemicals, additives and preservatives. In a world where we can’t seem to know for sure what exactly is in our food, these snack bars let us breathe a sigh of relief each time we need a snack.

As RXBAR reaps the benefits of a much larger buyer’s market with this shift, Kellogg is reconnecting with millennials for the first time since their Fruit Loop days and suggesting that they, too, care about the value of eating clean and healthy.

“Adding a pioneer in clean-label, high-protein snacking to our portfolio bolsters our already strong wholesome snacks offering,” Kellogg Company CEO Steve Cahillane said in a statement. “RXBAR is an excellent strategic fit for Kellogg as we pivot to growth. With its strong millennial consumption and diversified channel presence including e-commerce, RXBAR is perfectly positioned to perform well against future food trends.”

What more can we say? We’re pretty pumped about this partnership and love the idea that more people are now going to be able to access an amazing healthy snack option more easily. There’s no need for exclusivity when it comes to wellness.

[h/t Well+Good]