Choose Your Own Adventure: Here’s The Best Caribbean Island For You


We know you’re eyeing the Caribbean. Aren’t we all when dull February and even gloomier March hits? But if you’re overwhelmed by the selection of islands calling to you, no worries. We broke it down. Here’s the best Caribbean island for you, according to how you’d want to spend your dream vacation.

For The Ecotourist: Guadalupe

You can stay at an eco-minded resort on Guadeloupe or camp. The island has enormous amounts of untouched wilderness. For example, Parc National de la Guadeloupe is 74,000 acres of UNESCO-protected land containing hiking trails, waterfalls and jungle views.

For The Luxury Traveler: St. Lucia

Think infinity pools and private cabanas. St. Lucia has it all. You can find hotels with butler service, meals served poolside and exclusive, serene beaches. But even in the land of luxury, you’ll still find Caribbean flare with jungle-inspired decor in most hotels on the island.

For The Scuba Diver: Curacao

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In Curacao, you can descend into the depths to explore coral reefs and get up close to marine life. But you can also plunge down to see shipwrecks for a unique diving experience — you can even swim inside one wreck. Curacao is protected from major ocean currents, making diving a little safer than other open sea sites.

For The Foodie: Trinidad and Tobago

The two islands of Trinidad and Tobago are a fusion of different cuisines. You’ll find foods with routes in African, Indian, Spanish, French, British, Chinese and Lebanese traditions, which means you’ll never get bored taste-testing the different dishes here.

For The Sailor: The British Virgin Islands

BVI is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world. Although the islands are still recovering from Hurrican Irma, wide open seas and colorful port towns still welcome travelers. The iconic beach bars are bouncing back and the crowds are thinner than usual, meaning sailors can experience the beautiful islands without much competition for space.

For The Amateur Mixologist: Barbados

If you geek out about spirits, you’ll love Barbados. It’s known as the birthplace of rum and there’s nowhere better on earth to learn about the alcohol. You can visit distilleries, taste different producers’ creations and learn to mix some pretty stellar cocktails on the island.

For The Beach Bum: Turks & Caicos

Grace Bay Beach on Turks & Caicos is 12 miles of pure. And that’s not even the islands’ only white sand offering. Whether you’re an all-inclusive resort fan or want to do a more independent trip, you can find a corner of sunshine here.