3/13/19 Newsletter: What’s Hiding In Your Cereal

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Rethink that bowl of cereal if you’re trying to cut back on sugar in your morning routine. While some of our faves like Frosted Mini Wheats, Raisin Bran and granola do have some fiber and protein, the amount of sugar basically counteracts these health factors and leaves you crashing hard after a few hours. [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Voicemail Edition

Messed up a voicemail recording? Press “#” then “3” to re-record it immediately.


Where you live has more of an impact on your well-being than you realize. In a recent study, WalletHub used positive-psychology research to assess which cities have the happiest people in the United States. The top spot goes to Plano, Texas with Irvine, California and Madison, Wisconsin rounding out the top three. Read more to see how your city ranked! [Swirled]

Gone are the days of schlepping to the doctor’s office just to get a health test. LetsGetChecked offers convenient at-home health testing for just about everything. Your confidential results are delivered to your online account within two to five days, and you can rest assured that your health is in good hands. Try LetsGetChecked now.

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Career + Finance

Couponing may seem like an extreme sport, but once you know a few tricks to save some extra dough, you’ll be a pro in no time. Sign up for — and use — a store loyalty card for immediate savings. Also, third-party apps like Ibotta, Paribus and Honey can help you get cash back or negotiate price drops. Finally, be strategic in how you use your coupons and, when possible, use more than one coupon as often as you can. [Swirled]

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Food + Drink

Recipe Of The Day: Yes, a cake can be paleo, gluten-free and taste amazing. With just eight ingredients, including coconut flour, coconut oil and honey, you can have a one-bowl cake with the perfect texture and a slight punch of coconut sweetness. Top it with a dollop of coconut whipped cream and berries for a real show-stopper. [A Saucy Kitchen]

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If you haven’t heard the news, you’ll need authorization (not a visa) to visit 26 European countries — including Austria, France, Italy and Germany — starting in 2021. U.S. visitors will need to apply for a pre-screening and registration called the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) before entering specific countries for any length of time. So for now, enjoy travel as usual but know that changes are coming. [USA TODAY]

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ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoe: Is there anything better than hitting the pavement with brand-new running shoes? We think not.

Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones With Mic: Buh-bye to all that outside noise. You’re about to get so much done while getting your jam on with these bad boys.

EZ Prepa 20-Pack Stackable Meal Prep Containers With Lids: You won’t even miss takeout when you have the inspo (and the containers) to meal prep.

NeatPack RFID Travel Wallet, Document Organizer And Passport/Visa Holder: Leave the clunky bag at home and travel light with a sleek wallet organizer and passport and visa holder.

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