Here’s What To Do After You Eat Too Much


It’s inevitable — there are going to be times when you overeat, especially during the holiday season (AKA the season of endless food). So instead of beating yourself up about excessive calories, the number on the scale and the amount of exercise you now think you need to complete, breathe. It’s going to be okay. Just follow these five simple steps and you’ll be back to feeling like your normal self in no time.

1. Break out the stretchy pants.

Denim and other non-forgiving fabrics have absolutely no place in your life at this moment. You need stretchy pants ASAP to relieve any pressure or abdominal discomfort you may feel rather than allowing buttons, zippers and tight waistbands to push into your poor, overly stuffed stomach.

2. Get moving.

You really should go for a walk even if all you want to do is lie down. Any supine position is likely to affect your digestion in a negative way, leaving you more susceptible to heartburn and acid reflux until most of the food has been digested by your stomach. So grab those sneakers and go for a stroll.

Just don’t overdo it. This isn’t the time to try a new sprinting exercise for the sake of burning those excess calories.

3. Brew a cup of tea.

Is there any problem tea can’t solve? Reach for a cup of peppermint herbal tea or a blend of ginger and lemon to aid your painful digestion and potentially even speed up the process. Hydration, in general, is also helpful at times like these. Plus, you hopefully just made a little room for the liquid with your walk around the block.

4. Keep things light for the rest of the day.

If your ginormous meal was consumed earlier in the day, your body is probably still going to tell you it’s hungry for dinner. So when that happens, stick to light, low-fat foods to keep your lovely digestive path on track and avoid feeling overly full for the second time in a single day. A salad would definitely be your friend right now.

5. Resume your normal diet and exercise routine tomorrow.

By the time you wake up the following day, your stomach should finally feel normal again. Bless. So enjoy the comfortable return to your typical eating and exercising patterns.

Despite any remaining calorie guilt you may feel from the day prior, there’s no need to “ramp up” your fitness or crash diet to “equal things out.” Your body will rediscover balance for itself without you intervening in non-healthy ways. So be chill and know that your next holiday feast is on the horizon.