This Natural Flakey Salt Is the Ultimate Finishing Seasoning

what is maldon salt

Unsplash/Stefan Johnson

When you’re cooking, a recipe usually calls for kosher salt, sea salt or regular table salt. Maldon salt┬áprovides an entirely different experience. It’s an English sea salt that comes in large, thin, uneven, crunchy flakes with a pure and clean salt taste. Its large flakes are perfect for seasoning a steak and finishing off a dish. This sea salt doesn’t contain any additives or anti-caking agents.

The natural sea salt has a clean, mild taste with no bitterness. Its purity makes it more flavorful so you’ll use less of it. You’ll notice the salt comes in soft, pyramid-shaped crystals and it should dissolve quickly on your food. Maldon salt is all made in Essex County, England.

what is maldon salt


Use Maldon sea salt at home to sprinkle on anything from meats to eggs to baked potatoes and salad dressings. Candy stores are using these large flakes for salted caramels since you’ll notice the flavor right away. Find it at specialty food stores or online. You’ll┬ápay around $10.99 for about 8.5 ounces at, so use it sparingly. Pour some into a tiny ceramic bowl at your next dinner party and see what everyone has to say.

In the world of salts, table salt is super fine and usually used for salting pasta water or seasoning soups. Kosher salt is a little less refined, coarser and great for seasoning. Sea salt undergoes the least amount of processing. The flakes are collected from evaporated seawater, and it’s typically more expensive and good for finishing. Maldon is the most natural of these salts and you can definitely taste the difference.