This Creamy Indian Delicacy Doubles As A Healthy Milkshake


A milkshake with health benefits exists, and it’s giving us all of the feels.

Falooda, a common Indian dessert, is made by mixing rose syrup, sweet basil, vermicelli noodles, fruit jelly, milk, ice cream and sabja seeds (holy basil seeds) into one beautifully chilled drink. Depending on the recipe, you might see almonds and pistachios sprinkled on top as well as a variety of other Indian toppings.

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Falooda is smooth, creamy, crunchy, sweet and refreshing, and it plays on all of your taste buds. It also happens to be extremely pretty to look at, thanks to all of its vibrant ingredients.

The sabja seeds are soaked for a couple of hours (just like chia seeds) until they take on a gelatinous texture and can blend well with all of the other ingredients. These seeds are native to India and common in Indian households for their immunity-boosting properties. Sabja seeds are known to be good for your skin, rich in antioxidants and helpful in controlling diabetes.

You can find falooda all over Asia and most likely at your local Indian spot. You can also attempt to make it yourself with this recipe that includes milk, rose syrup, raspberry jelly, basil seeds, falooda sev, pistachios, almonds, vanilla ice cream and cherries. It could make for a fun culinary project, but this could also be the perfect time to treat yourself and order the bold drink with your chicken tikka and samosas.

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