Chocolate Soup Is Real And It’s All You Need For Valentine’s Day


Warning: This dessert is for very serious chocolate devotees only.

Chocolate soup goes beyond the limits of hot chocolate and fondue. Essentially, it’s ultra-rich and creamy chocolate served in a bowl with a spoon, and yes, it’s expected that you shovel it in just like a bowl of your favorite chicken noodle. You’ll need to be truly committed to chocolate to tackle this decadent creation.

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Chocolate soup has three main components: the chocolate base, a crunchy topping and a cooled, creamy sauce. You can get your crunch from any kind of bread as long as it’s toasted to that golden brown level. For the cool and creamy element, you could go with anything from whipped cream to crème fraîche to marshmallows. Feel free to add berries as a garnish if you want something refreshing in there as well.

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Here’s a classic recipe for chocolate soup that’s made with milk, half-and-half, semi-sweet chocolate, cornstarch, water, egg yolks, vanilla and orange (if you want a little citrus flavor). It’s then mixed with whipped crème fraîche and topped with croissant croutons. Yum.

And if you’re more of a dark chocolate fan, give this recipe a try. It calls for ingredients like whole milk, sweetened condensed milk, bittersweet chocolate chips and a marshmallow cream cheese topping that’s swirled in at the end.

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The biggest thing to remember about chocolate soup is that you can’t ever go too heavy with the chocolate. You’re making freaking chocolate soup here, so clearly, all of your hesitations should go out the window. Ahhh, music to our ears.

Whether you’re planning on spending Valentine’s Day with your loved one, your pet or your wine, there’s no better time to try this oh-so-chocolatey soup.