These Are The Strangest Boozy Concoctions Around The Globe


When you veer away from the vodka sodas and gin and tonics of the world, there’s an entire universe of weird alcoholic concoctions out there to explore. Some will shock you, some will make you a convert of the crafty cocktail scene and most will take you a bit out of your comfort zone. But that’s why we’re here — to steer you into fun, uncharted territory. So with that said, here are the strangest boozy concoctions around the globe.

1. Sourtoe Cocktail

At the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Canada, the signature drink is a shot of whiskey with a mummified toe, nail-and-all, right inside the glass. If you’re one of the brave souls who dares to drink the whiskey, you’ll get a certificate. Don’t worry — you don’t have to actually eat the toe. Just let it touch your lips.

2. Neuzelle Anti-Aging Beer

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A German beer called Neuzelle is said to be an anti-aging tonic. A former monastery brewery in Neuzelle, Germany, claims that it developed a beer that’s meant to slow the aging process with vitamins, minerals and a certain type of algae called spirulina.

3. Spiked Seaweed Smoothies

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Seaweed smoothies in Belize are made with seaweed gel, sweetened condensed milk, brandy and a little cinnamon. They’re sweet and creamy and considered a big part of tourism in Belize.

4. Pine Cone Schnapps

Zirbenschnaps is Austrian pine liquor that’s made from pine cones and perfect for sipping on during the colder months.

5. Artillery Punch

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Artillery Punch is a crazy cocktail at the Nightjar in London. It’s made with gin, grape juice, Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof (a traditional Royal Navy-style rum that’s produced at original Admiralty strength, which was last used when the Royal Navy discontinued its daily ration in 1970), Bénédictine, apricot brandy, lime and bee pollen.

6. Bubble Bath Martini

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At Automatic Slim’s Restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, there’s a Bubble Bath Martini with vodka, lavender, rosemary simple syrup, St. Germain, egg white, champagne and a rubber duck. The martini legitimately looks like a foamy bubble bath, and yes, you get to take the duck home with you.

7. Three Penis Liquor

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This disturbing bottle of rice wine is brewed with seal, deer and Cantonese dog penis to give the drinker an extra boost of… something. Not exactly sure what that something is, but yes, this is real.

8. Amsterdam Cocktail

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The Amsterdam Cocktail, which is also made at Nightjar in London, is made with vodka, ale and hemp syrup, Grand Marnier, tulip essence, lemon gouda foam, poppy and cinnamon. We don’t know who came up with this insane combination of ingredients, but lemon gouda foam? We’re intrigued.

9. Margherita Shot

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The Rabbit Hole Bar and Dining in Sydney, Australia, makes a cocktail with Cointreau (a brand of triple sec) caviar spherification. Little balls of Cointreau are served on top of limes. Each little sphere bursts with Cointreau when you put it in your mouth.

10. Banchan Mary

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Since Nightjar clearly doesn’t mess around with cocktails, you’ll also want to get your hands on the Banchan Mary. This is a spicy Asian twist on the classic Bloody Mary with vodka, an aromatic vegetable bouillon, daikon radish, Sriracha, pumpkin seed dashi, tamarillo and chili cress.

11. Camel Milk Cocktail

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At the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, you can find camel milk cocktails at the bar. Yes, that means actual milk from a camel.