7 Unconventional Ways To Use Watermelon That Go Beyond Slicing


If you’ve ever purchased a whole watermelon, you are well aware of the following stages: experiencing pure joy of having purchased a watermelon, eating the delicious fruit, freaking out because you have too much of it left over. Luckily, there are beautiful and delicious ways to go beyond slicing and dicing. These weird watermelon creations will take your love of the fruit to the next level.

1. Grill watermelon wedges for an added depth of flavor.

2. Turn your watermelon into a keg.


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3. Go all Pinterest-y and make a watermelon fruit basket.

4. Make a salad! Toss it with feta and mint for a refreshing, yet savory, side dish.


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5. Puree watermelon and make popsicles for a hot day.

6. Blend watermelon into a slightly sweet gazpacho.


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7. Cool off with watermelon ice cubes.