Here Are 12 Of The Craziest Infused Vodkas


Very few souls can handle downing vodka straight — most days, the mixers really make the drink. But with infused vodkas, the flavor profile can take on a life of its own. You can pretty much take any ingredient and infuse it into vodka. (And don’t forget, the price of a vodka isn’t always an indicator of its quality.) Here are 12 of the craziest infused vodkas:

1. Bacon Vodka

Bacon vodka is perfect for any kind of smoky drink or an umami-rich cocktail like a Bloody Mary.

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2. Bubble Gum Vodka

You’ll get nostalgic with this one. Take a shot of bubble gum vodka and remember the days when your biggest problem was choosing between Double Bubble or Bubblicious.

3. Bison Grass Vodka

This dry herb-flavored vodka is distilled from rye and flavored with bison grass. It’s a bartender favorite since it actually tastes like lavender, vanilla and cut grass.

4. Smoked Salmon Vodka

This is exactly what it sounds like — vodka made of glacier ice from the Prince William Sound is infused with smoked salmon flavor. Use it in anything from Bloody Marys to fish sauces.

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5. Sun Dried Tomato Vodka

Made with California sun-dried tomatoes, this vodka has a golden color and fresh zesty tomato smell with a smooth finish. Use this sun-dried tomato vodka for all kinds of savory cocktails or for a sun-dried tomato vodka sauce on your pasta.

6. PB & J Vodka

Van Gogh Vodka killed it with this one. PB & J vodka anyone? It’ll smell like peanuts and raspberry and when you taste it a little bit of almond and vanilla will hit you.

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7. Blueberry Pancake Vodka

Questionable. There’s something not-so-comforting about vodka that tastes like our favorite breakfast food.

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8. Double Espresso Vodka

Mix a little of this double espresso vodka into your morning coffee or whip up a batch of coffee-inspired cocktails for your caffeine-loving friends.

9. Rosemary And Lavender Vodka

This herbaceous vodka is the perfect base for all of your classy cocktails, although we’re not entirely convinced the lavender here will relax you.

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10. Early Grey And Sage Vodka

Who needs tea when you have earl grey vodka, right?

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11. Buttered Popcorn Vodka

Sneak some of this into your movie snack bag.

12. Glazed Donut Vodka

I think we’ll take an actual glazed donut over this one.