This Weed And Wine Tour Is A Recipe For Relaxation

weed and wine tour California


If you know you can handle a little vino and a little cannabis at the same time, you’re going to want in on this Weed and Wine Tour in Oakland, California.

Thanks to tour company Cannabis Tours, you start on a smoke-friendly party bus, pop some bottles of wine and cruise around Oakland, all while learning about the history of wine and weed in the area. The Weed and Wine Tour stops at local wineries where you learn about how the wine is made and enjoy samples along the way.

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The tour also stops at cannabis cultivation facilities where you get to see how exactly weed is grown. The kind of excursions for each tour may vary, but you get to indulge in all of the food, wine and bud no matter what.

Each tour is a 4.5-hour-long excursion where you get to sip, smoke, laugh, learn and soak in the Bay Area’s wine and weed culture with a scenic backdrop. Of course, your tour wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Golden Gate Bridge. And the best part is that, of course, you’ll be chilling the entire time.

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