Doing The One Thing You Hate Most In Bed Could Help You Sleep Better


The vast majority of us love lounging around our homes in a pair of fluffy, cozy socks, but when bedtime rolls around, we immediately kick them off as we snuggle up in between the sheets. However, research suggests that we should rethink this sleep habit if we want to snooze more soundly.

Earlier this year, the National Sleep Foundation added sleeping with your socks on to its list of recommended tips for achieving a quality night of rest. Wearing socks heats your feet (obviously), which dilates your blood vessels and distributes that feeling of warmth throughout your body, naturally signaling to your brain that it’s time for sleep.

The same logic follows for your hands, too. When your extremities are warm and cozy, the rest of your body can relax, falling asleep faster and staying in a restful state for a longer period of time.


Now, if you naturally have amazing circulation and rarely have cold feet as you get ready for bed, you might not need to give the sock trick a try. (You’ll probably just end up kicking them off in your sleep when you start to sweat anyway.)

But if you always have chilly toes and just hate the way socks feel in bed, it’s worth finding a way to warm your feet without compromising comfort. An electric blanket or a hot water bottle at the foot of the bed could do the trick, or consider taking a warm bath just before bed to achieve a similar effect.

Whatever route you choose, just know that cold feet are a recipe for a rough night’s sleep. Socks or no socks, toasty toes are definitely the way to go.