Why You Should Save Watermelon Rinds Instead Of Tossing Them In The Garbage


Do you always stop munching on a wedge of juicy watermelon when you reach the white part close to the green skin? Us, too. But it looks like we’ve all been missing out on some big health benefits of this summer staple by skipping the rind.

Watermelon rinds have more fiber than the rest of the pink fruit, as well as a strong dose of potassium and citrulline (an amino acid). Citrulline is needed in the body to create arginine (another amino acid), which is known for increasing the production of nitric oxide. And nitric oxide plays a key role in relaxing blood vessels and lowering blood pressure, reducing symptoms of fatigue, boosting the immune system and helping muscle grow. That’s quite a nutritional profile if you ask us.

Yet we continuously toss watermelon rinds as soon as we’re done with the brightly colored, sweet flesh resting on top of it.

Making use of watermelon rinds in your kitchen is surprisingly easy so long as you’re equipped with the right recipe inspiration. Take a look at the following ideas for the next time you polish off a seedless watermelon but don’t want to chuck the shell in the trash.

1. Watermelon Rind Pickles

Alton Brown

2. Watermelon Rind Preserves


3. Watermelon Rind Kimchi


4. Watermelon Rind Gazpacho


5. Watermelon Rind Candy