This Hidden Glow-In-The-Dark Cave Is Breathtaking


You think you’ve seen it all until you come across a cave that is alive with magical AF glowworms. No, really, you gotta see this:

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Say hello to Glowworm Grotto, which is located in New Zealand’s Waitomo Caves. The illuminated cave is made of limestone and is home to a large population of vividly bright glowworms. Thousands of these glowworms radiate an electric-blue light throughout the cave, creating a magical sparkle show you have to see to believe.

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If you visit the cave, a tour guide will take you through the space by boat. (The tour costs about $35 for an adult ticket.) Cameras aren’t allowed, which is a bummer, but that only leaves more of an opportunity for you to live in the moment — with the glowworms.

We can’t guarantee you won’t touch a glowworm, but from our observation, they seem to like it up there.

The cave is open from November to March (which is summertime in New Zealand). So if you’re seriously considering going, check out dates in the fall! Visit the official page for more info on the tour, and enjoy the glow fest.