Waffle Lovers, You’re Going To Be Obsessed With This New Oreo Flavor


Alright, breakfast lovers (we’re really looking at you, waffle fiends): Oreo confirmed that the company is releasing its classic sandwich cookie in a waffle flavor.

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Officially called Waffles&Syrup, the breakfast-flavored snack features maple cream so it’ll be totally reminiscent of your Eggo-filled childhood.

Delish reports that rumors are swirling around the addition of two new flavors that could arrive this summer. According to Candy Hunting, you should keep your eye out for Mississippi Mud Pie — classic Oreos with a whipped cream center and Fireworks — sandwich cookies with red and blue popping candy in the center.

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We’re always up to try the newest Oreo flavors. After all, if we can handle Swedish Fish Oreos, we’re game for anything.

Oreo, if you’re interested in hooking us up, we’ll gladly taste test a whole box of the waffle-flavored cookies for breakfast. That’s how you want us to start the day, right? No? Whatever, we’ll eat them all anyway.