14 Strange Veggies You Should Be Putting In Your Smoothies


Green smoothies have pretty much become the norm these days. We’re not phased by kale, and we’re all about some baby spinach. But there are some veggies out there that elicit a “WTF?!” reaction when someone suggests we toss them in our blenders alongside our other go-to ingredients. But hey, it’s worth giving these guys a chance. They’re packed with killer nutrients and interesting flavors that could really jazz up your smoothie game. Don’t knock ’em till you try ’em.

1. Bell Peppers


They’re loaded with vitamin A and good fiber, and perfectly sweet in taste. Give this recipe a try to see just how well bell peppers balance with banana, pineapple and berries.

2. Brussels Sprouts


These guys are a little bitter when raw, but they’re loaded with nutrients your body needs. And this recipe blends them with raspberries to hide any unwanted flavors while highlighting all the benefits.

3. Cabbage


Red cabbage is loaded with antioxidant-rich sulfur compounds, so why not find another way to use it? Try this recipe that blends cabbage with berries, almonds and a blend of spices.

4. Cannellini Beans


Give your smoothie a natural protein boost with these little guys! They’re so mild in flavor that you won’t even notice them in this recipe with banana, dates and vanilla extract.

5. Cauliflower


If green drinks still freak you out a little bit, opt for this cruciferous veggie instead. It’s virtually invisible when blended in, and its light taste makes it ideal for this recipe full of blueberries, clementines and peanut butter.

6. Celery


We juice celery all the time, but see what happens when you add these stalks to your smoothies. This recipe lessens the severity of the celery flavor by blending it with pear, spinach and ginger.

7. Parsnips


Bring on all the healthy fiber! And you’d be surprised that when they’re paired with pineapple in this recipe, the resulting smoothie is actually quite enjoyable.

8. Pumpkin


This potassium and vitamin C superhero makes for a killer smoothie ingredient. Pumpkin pie fans, enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving treat all year long with this recipe (that’s secretly healthy).

9. Radishes


These surprisingly juicy and sweet root veggies are vital for a healthy liver and stomach. Try them in this recipe with sprouts, berries and coconut water and enjoy a tasty detoxing meal.

10. Snow peas


Snow peas help keep your bones strong, so why not add this boost to your breakfast? This recipe sneaks a solid amount of them in with spinach, pineapple and a lemony kick.

11. Summer Squash


Summer squash makes smoothies as yummy as it makes soups thanks to its creamy, smooth texture. And this recipe that blends it with kiwifruit is sure to kick your summer smoothie game up a notch.

12. Sunchokes


Load up on fiber, potassium and iron with this nutty-tasting root veggie. It might sound crazy, but it blends surprisingly well with swiss chard, coconut, banana and cacao in this recipe.

13. Sweet Potato


Get an immunity boost and an incredibly indulgent smoothie at the same time with these amazing tots. This recipe blends cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and bananas with sweet potatoes to help you fight inflammation all day long.

14. Zucchini


And last but not least, this green member of the squash family shouldn’t be limited to zoodles. This recipe sneaks in its antioxidant power with blueberries, spinach, dates and almond butter to create a smooth and satisyfingly healthy treat.