Study Shows Going Vegetarian Or Vegan Is Short-Lived For Most

A new study shows that the majority of people who adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet will eventually revert back to eating meat.

The Humane Research Council examined the diets of 11,000 people over the age of 17 who adhered to a vegetarian or vegan diet. 84 percent of the group abandoned their meat-free diets. That translates to five times as many former vegetarians and vegans as their meat-free counterparts.

So how long does it take for the typical vegetarian or vegan to become an omnivore again? 34 percent of participants who formally axed meat, or all animal foods, stuck with their diet for three months or less. 53 percent of former vegetarians or vegans maintained plant-based diets for less than a year.

In terms of what motivates people to go vegetarian or vegan, majority — 69 percent — cited health concerns. Animal protection and environmental considerations, as well as taste preferences, also played a role in the decision.

It’s worth noting that only 2 percent of the population follows a vegetarian or vegan diet.


In terms of meat consumption, the study’s findings suggest that a large majority of the population — 95 percent — incorporates chicken into their eating routine. That figure accounts for those with and without a history of going vegetarian or vegan. According to the research, 89 percent of people eat beef, 83 percent eat pork, 79 percent eat turkey, 76 percent eat fish, 62 percent eat seafood and 26 percent eat less common meats like duck, lamb, rabbit, deer and goat.

Research on the effects of a vegetarian or vegan diet have been mixed. There have been studies that have shown that those following the regimen are less susceptible to developing various diseases. On the other hand, the group is at risk for a deficiency in various nutrients.

The good news if you do follow a vegetarian or vegan diet? There are plenty of delicious vegetarian meals out there, including variations of your favorite meat foods, like bacon.

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