6 Destinations In The U.S. Where You Can Legally Drink On The Streets


There’s something liberating about walking down the street with a cold drink in your hand and not having to worry about a run-in with the law. Not every city out there though is like Las Vegas or New Orleans, which don’t have open container legal restrictions. The rules can be foggy depending on where you are. Below are six destinations in the United States where you can get your drink on out in the open.

1. Erie, Pennsylvania

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Located right on Lake Erie, this Pennsylvania town has beaches and trails, and curves around Presque Isle Bay. There’s a historic theme park, horse track, casino, arenas and a well-defined entertainment district. Anyone who is over the age of 21 can walk around with an alcoholic beverage as long as it’s not in a glass.

2. Savannah, Georgia

This coastal Georgia city is known for its historic district, picture-perfect parks, horse-drawn carriages and old-school Southern architecture. The streets are canopied with trees and it’s a 20-minute drive from the beach. There are no open container laws here. You can plan a weekend getaway and rent a Victorian cottage in Savannah. There’s a spot called Wet Willie’s where you can find pretty much any flavor of a boozy slushy you want and stroll with your open drink on the River Walk.

3. Hood River, Oregon

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Hood River is a destination for trekkers, historians and adrenaline junkies. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you’ll love it. This river town has no open container laws so you can drink all you want in public space.

4. Fredericksburg, Texas

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This city with German roots in central Texas is known for its wineries. If you’re a big beer drinker, plan a trip to Fredericksburg in early October during its Oktoberfest. About an hour and a half west of Austin, this Texas city allows open containers of beer or wine in its Main Street shopping district.

5. Memphis, Tennessee

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Right on the Mississippi River in southwest Tennessee is the bustling musical city of Memphis. Unlike the rest of Tennessee, its entertainment district right along Beale Street has no open container laws so you can feel comfortable walking around with your cocktails. The first rock and roll record was made in Memphis and the city is known as the “home of blues.” Make the melt-in-your-mouth barbecue a highlight of your trip.

6. Gulfport, Mississippi

The second largest city in Mississippi, Gulfport, is right on the Gulf of Mexico. It’s known for its long beach on the Mississippi Sound. The “to-go cup” law was signed into action by Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, which allows people to carry open containers of alcohol in entertainment districts. Also of note: Mississippi is the only state that doesn’t have an open container law that prohibits drivers or passengers from drinking inside of their cars.