7/10/19 Newsletter: The Truth Behind Nightmares

Nightmares are no joke, and they’re not just something that happens to kids. Your amygdala — responsible for emotional responses — is most active during the REM cycle, which is the sleep cycle when you’re most likely to have a nightmare. And as you’ve probably experienced, your adrenaline is in overdrive, causing excessive amounts of cortisol to be released, which can cause stress among other health issues. That uneasy feeling you get the day after a nightmare is real. Studies have shown that the anxiety of a nightmare can last even after you’re awake. [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Banana Edition

If your fruit bowl is full of overripe bananas — don’t toss them, try this easy hack. Peel the fruit and cut in half (or in slices) and freeze. The overripe fruit will add sweetness and creaminess to your smoothies and they’re the perfect ripeness for a killer banana bread.


Even among superfoods, some choices are better than others. Swap salmon for a serving of lean beef — it has way more zinc, B vitamins and iron than this fan-favorite fish. And skip an orange or grapefruit when you want a boost of Vitamin C, kiwis have more than any citrus fruit. Read on to find even more super swaps. [Swirled]

Career + Finance + Tech

Only 54% of American employees took advantage of their vacation last year while 1 in 4 have decided not to take a vacation this year because they can’t afford it. But, there are some employers — Basecamp, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Evernote and more — that not only offer flexible job openings but they provide stipends towards vacations and encourage employees to take time off. [CNBC]

Editors’ Picks:

ButcherBox: For a limited time ButcherBox is offering free burgers all summer long (yes, you heard that right). Get two pounds of grass-fed burgers in every box ordered through 10/15/19. ButcherBox is the #1 source for grass-fed & grass-finished beef, free-range organic chicken, and heritage-breed pork, delivered via subscription on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. ButcherBox carefully curates the finest selection of cuts or makes it a breeze to choose your own. Claim your offer now.

Survey Voices: Get paid to take surveys for qualified users! Survey Voices offers you real money and lets you view exclusive offers in exchange for your valued opinions. Claim your rewards now.

7 Of The Best Amazon Finds For Pet Owners: As pet pawrents, we know that there’s no better feeling than spoiling your pup — because you know they deserve it. Here are seven of the best buys you can find on Amazon for your pets. You’re welcome!

Food + Drink

Summer is synonymous with grilling, so why not test out a few veggies that are perfect for outdoor cooking. Portobello mushrooms are beefy in flavor and texture and absorb whatever marinade you soak them in. Broccolini and asparagus also hold up well on the grill and the smokiness of the flames adds a depth of flavor. Tap through to try even more grilled veggies. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day: In a large zip-top bag combine soy sauce, Balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, brown sugar to make a tasty marinade. Add a two-pound London Broil and marinade for 4 hours or up to two days. Remove the steak from the marinade, discard the marinade and pat the meat dry. Let rest at room temperature for 20 minutes, then grill for 9 to 10 minutes per side for medium-rare meat. You can also broil the London Broil if you don’t have a grill handy. [The Seasoned Mom]

A quick tip from yours truly: London Broil is an affordable cut of meat, but it can be tough if you don’t cut it properly. To keep it extra tender, cut in thin strips on an angle, against the grain of the meat.

Do you have a kitchen tip to share? Let us know: [email protected].


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