Savvy Saver 7/17/19: The trick to maintaining your savings

Budget Tip Of The Week: Have a separate savings account.

If you’re ready to start building savings but are worried about putting money aside that you’d ordinarily spend, we have the perfect solution for you. Set up a separate savings account at a bank that’s different than what you use for your checking account. Because the money isn’t as easily accessible, your savings will grow without you realizing it. [Swirled]

Definition Of The Week: Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is the amount of money you put away in a savings account that will cover your living expenses in case something, like a job loss, happens. It’s basically a safety net that will give you peace of mind if you’re ever down on your luck and need to cover a few months of expenses. [Swirled]

Digit Of The Week: 2059

The year that findings from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research state that women will begin to be paid as much as men. [Swirled]


How To Start Saving (Even If You’re Starting From Scratch) – Bankrate

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