3/8/19 Newsletter: The trick to more effective workouts

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Weekend Edition

Happy International Women’s Day, y’all! We hope you have an amazing day celebrating the badass women in your life — and yourself (obvi) — you deserve it.

1. Workout Of The Week: The Right Way To Use A Foam Roller

Love it or hate it, the foam roller is the ultimate workout companion and packs some major health benefits like increased flexibility, reduced muscle soreness and can help prevent future injuries. Check out the best ways to roll so you can know how to stretch and recover the right way. #OwnIt. [Swirled]

2. Wildcard: 7 Ways You Can Celebrate International Women’s Day Year-Round

Empower yourself and your lady gang all year long with a range of proactive ideas to help strengthen your bond. Mentor a woman who is looking for career or life advice, or volunteer at a women’s shelter or a girls’ education program. If you can, invest in women-founded companies and shop for women-made products, but no matter what, the most important thing is to cheer each other on! Celebrating another woman’s achievements empowers you both — you go girl! [Swirled]

3. Life Hack Of The Day: Happy Hour Edition

Make cheap vodka taste better by running it through a Brita filter.

4. What To Watch: “Lorena”

If you’ve never heard of Lorena Bobbitt, you’re in for some major OMG moments in this four-part docuseries about Lorena, her husband John and what happened one night in 1993. Their tabloid-worthy story exploded into the 24-hour news cycle and she became a national joke, with her suffering ignored by the male-dominated press. But as things fell apart for John, Lorena powered through and found strength from within. [Amazon]

5. What To Buy: UrbanStems

What better way to celebrate your girls on International Women’s Day than with UrbanStems? UrbanStems has partnered with Bumble on an exclusive bouquet design. A portion of the proceeds on every yellow-hued Bumble bouquet sent during the month of March goes to Women for Women International, making it the perfect gift for the women in your life. Bonus: UrbanStems’ spring collection will brighten up your day, even if we are a few weeks from the official start of the season.

The best part? You can get 15 percent off your order with code Swirled15. Shop bouquets now.

6. What To Listen To: “Unladylike”

Co-founders Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin, who describe themselves as “research-addicted feminists who make digital content about all things gender,” break down various social and political issues while exploring the importance of identity, inclusivity and humor. This extremely entertaining and informative podcast covers everything from mastering dating apps to exploring how to be a Mormon feminist and it features a pool of highly credible guest hosts. [Unladylike]

7. What To Eat: Birthday Cake Cookie Butter

Seriously, this is why the phrase “Treat Yo’self” was invented. Not only is this recipe amazing, but it’s also a cinch to whip up. Just blend a mix of sugar cookie crumbs, cake mix, butter, two kinds of milk (sweetened-condensed and evaporated) and — yay — lots of sprinkles. Try it with pretzels for a sweet ‘n’ salty treat. [A Beautiful Mess]

8. R&R: 3 Key Home Remedies To Combat The Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Your delicate under eye area could use a dose of TLC. Combine luxurious rose water, an antiseptic, with milk (yup, from the fridge) for a powerhouse duo that can tackle dark circles due to allergies and air pollution. Almond oil, honey and even potatoes are some other ways to clear up the dreaded raccoon look. [Swirled]

9. What to Read: “Classic Works From Women Writers”

Women are the ultimate storytellers and this leather-bound collection contains some of their most celebrated works including Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” Agatha Christie’s “The Mysterious Affair at Styles,” plus a variety of short stories, poems and essays. Happy reading! [Amazon]

10. Dream Destination: Puerto Pirámides, Argentina

Flip your vacation on its head with a trip to Puerto Pirámides, the tiny South American city known for a large wildlife population and reversed seasons. The area boasts over 180 species of birds and a Right whale population of nearly 2,000 — the biggest concentration anywhere in the world. The best time to go whale watching is from June-December when the weather is cooler. Bonus, you can catch glimpses of local sea lions and elephants during this season, too. [Swirled]

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