Black Friday And Cyber Monday Aren’t Your Only Chances To Nab Flight Deals This Holiday Season

travel tuesday flight deals

Unsplash/John McArthur

Black Friday is for your harried hustle around the mall. Cyber Monday is for surfing the web from the comfort of your couch (or more likely your office chair on your lunch break). But there’s a new day on our radar — Travel Tuesday — and it has the potential for even better deals than both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Flight booking app Hopper turned us onto this trend with its predictions for low-cost travel on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (November 27) and the long weekend shopping sprees. Hopper says Travel Tuesday will have the best deals on flights around the world. The company found deals on 20 percent of domestic and international flights on last year’s Travel Tuesday. In fact, Icelandair, Cathay Pacific, South African Airways and Philippine Airlines have already said they’re going to offer special Travel Tuesday flight deals, according to Hopper.

travel tuesday flight deals

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But different travel apps have found slightly different data. Skyscanner, another travel booking app, found that Cyber Monday was still the best time to book flights. The company found that Cyber Monday was cheapest, followed by Travel Tuesday. Black Friday came in third place. But Skyscanner still predicted that Black Friday will be less expensive than buying a plane ticket on most other days of the year.

So a word of warning, travel peeps: The difference between a deal on Black Friday and a deal on Travel Tuesday isn’t going to be so massive that you should overlook an amazing bargain on Black Friday on the off chance you might find a better one after the weekend. A great flight deal is a great flight deal. If you find a deep discount to your dream destination, we suggest you seize the day, no matter the day of the week. Take that bucket list adventure, travelers!


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