Travel Makes You More Productive In Your Everyday Life, According To Millennials


As if you needed another reason to finally take that trip to Italy, global travel company Contiki has one more for you. The organization released findings from a survey conducted by social psychologist Adam Ganlinsky, PhD, Columbia Business School that focused on travel and its impact on young people.

After polling 3,000 18-to-35-year-old travelers and non-travelers (people who haven’t traveled internationally), researchers found that millennials say that travel positively impacts their daily lives when it comes to productivity.


The survey found that millennial travelers are 11 percent more likely to look for new opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge. These travelers also feel 25 percent more likely to set goals for themselves — and actually achieve them, and 43 percent more likely to be satisfied with their employment opportunities. 75 percent reported feeling more confident because of travel, and as a result, performing better at completing multiple tasks.

If you ask us, these findings suggest that the skills you develop from travel could translate to the workplace. Pssst…you should totally ask your boss for more PTO.

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Other findings include:

  • Travelers are 27 percent more likely to feel a sense of responsibility for all people in the world.
  • Travelers are 10 percent more likely to find greater satisfaction in their close relationships and 42 percent more likely to seek out new friendships.
  • 30 percent of travelers report that they have donated money to organizations that help people in other countries.
  • Travelers are more likely to exercise more than five times a week.

Hey, you don’t need to make a strong case for us to pack our bags and say “see ya later,” but these findings definitely help. You can find us on the nearest beach working on our tans and our problem-solving skills.