Daily Fit 5/20/19: Trainers Say To Skip This Machine

trainers say to skip this machine

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Workout Tip Of The Day: Looking To Tone Your Legs? Skip The Hip Abduction Machine And Do Lunges Or Bodyweight Hip Abduction Exercises Instead.

What Trainers Say: Using the hip abduction machine (where you’re seated and moving your legs away from the centerline of your body) might feel amazing, after all it allows you to use a lot of weight and you probably feel a serious burn in your butt after doing it, but this seemingly harmless exercise can actually be quite dangerous if you overdo it. That’s because the muscles that this machine targets are stabilizers, which means that their primary function is to stabilize your body when you’re standing or moving around. These muscles are not meant to bear a lot of weight on their own, so you could end up straining them if you’re frequently using the abductor machine with a lot of weight. Straining these muscles could lead to future lower back pain and/or hip injuries.

A Better Alternative: If you’re looking to tone your legs and get a perky behind, lunges are always a good option. Instead of only targeting a few muscles at a time (like you do when using the hip abductor machine), lunges work most of your lower body muscles simultaneously. This exercise will target your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves, as well as engaging your core and elevating your heart rate. If you’re set on working your hip abductor muscles in isolation, try a side-lying hip abduction where you lie on your side and move your top leg up, away and slightly behind the centerline of your body. Read on for other popular exercises that trainers want you to skip and what you should do instead. [Shape]

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