Here’s The Ultimate Trader Joe’s Grocery List For Under $50


Many people, when given the option, would choose Trader Joe’s for their quick grocery needs and it’s pretty obvious why. While you can’t beat the cheap prices, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. TJ’s has some of the best customer service, that’s a given. You can tell they’re careful with who they hire. It’ basically impossible not to get into a conversation with the friendly Hawaiin shirt-wearing cashiers. On top of the neighborly vibes, the store lets you return things you’re not feeling. The wine and beer selection is cheap and you get a complimentary Fearless Flyer, and the cheese section is life.

It can be overwhelming if you go during peak hours and sometimes you probably wish someone would just tell you what to buy. Especially when you’re being hoarded to stand in line or you’re frantically bumping into everyone who’s reaching for that same limited-edition goat cheese. The best part about TJ’s is that you can eat pretty well on a budget. Here’s the ultimate TJ’s grocery list that you can do for under $50.

Flickr/Aranami/CC BY

1. 10 Minute Farro Or Barley – $1.79

You can use farro or barley as a cheaper and healthier substitute for rice in any recipe. Make your own grain bowl with farro, sweet potatoes and chicken for lunch.

2. Ground Chicken – $3.49

You can use ground chicken for meatballs, chicken enchiladas, chicken burgers, chili, stuffed acorn squash and protein-packed pasta dishes.

3. Frozen Brussels Sprouts – $.99

For a dollar, you can make a healthy side dish that’ll last you a few days. Toss your Brussels sprouts with olive oil, salt, pepper, smoked paprika and some red pepper flakes.

4. Whole Bag Of Apples – $2.99

Not too shabby for a full bag of apples.

5. Fresh Frozen Wild Caught Salmon – $10.99

This is probably about half the price of fresh frozen salmon that you’d buy at other grocery stores.

6. Old-Fashioned Oats – $2.69

You can’t go wrong with old-fashioned oats for breakfast. Top them with cinnamon, a drizzle of honey and some sliced apples and you’ll be good to go.

7. Triple Pack Of Dark Chocolate $1.79

You’re obviously going to need chocolate at some point during the week and this is a solid deal for three bars.

8. Reduced Guilt Mac And Cheese – $1.99

Get your comfort food fix for under $3 with an easy mac and cheese.

9. Organic Baguette – $1.79

TJ’s always has fresh baguettes for all of your summertime picnic needs.

10. Coconut Water – $1.19

11. Bag Of Organic Sweet Potatoes – $4.49

For under $5 you can make a whole pan of roasted sweet potatoes that’ll last you through the week.

13. Fresh Mozzarella – $5.99

This price definitely beats the other mozz. prices out there. If you’re going to splurge on a cheese, pick the one that can go with pretty much anything.

14. Boatswain American IPA – $4.99 for a six pack

This IPA is brewed specially for TJ’s by an award-winning craft brewer in Wisconsin. It’s hoppy, bitter and has 6.7 percent ABV (alcohol by volume). You also can’t beat a six pack for $5 on your way home from work.

15. Restaurant-Style White Corn Tortilla Chips – $1.99

Because everyone needs a good snack. Yum.

16. Bag Of Kale – $1.99

A bag of kale at TJ’s will most likely last you the week. You can sauté it, use it in a smoothie, put it on a pizza, use it in a salad or mix it in with your scrambled eggs in the morning.