This Toronto Harry Potter Bar Will Make Your Muggle Heart Soar


Harry Potter fans, this Toronto bar is the answer to all your Wizarding World dreams. The Lockhart is H.P geek paradise, with themed drinks (potions), charming tapas (herbology) and general unending magic.

The masterminds and self-proclaimed Hufflepuffs behind the magical haven walk a fine line. There’s no Butterbeer, but you will find pitchers of “Better Beer,” which is claimed to be tastier than the stuff at Universal Studios. While the brunch is mostly delicious standard breakfast fare, you can munch on a house-made chocolate frog or some buttermilk-fried horntail (chicken).

The Lockhart is entirely covered in Harry Potter references, from the stag insignia in the logo to the neon “All was well” sign behind the bar. Here’s why we’re dreaming of a secret passageway straight to Toronto for a pub night at The Lockhart.

They welcome muggles and wizards alike.

Welcome home, Potterheads. Drink up.

There are no drinks, just potions and elixirs.

This is the proper way to imbibe a Wizarding World concoction.

You’ll find magical creatures and plants.

Fuzzy earmuffs do make stylish bar attire.

Trivia nights get competitive.

Thank goodness we’ve all read the books twenty times over.

You can add your fav quote to the bathroom walls.

Even better, the graffiti goes around the bar’s very own Mirror of Erised.

There are cute character call-outs.

We see you, Dobby.

They do real magic with their cocktails.

Yes, we know that’s a flame-thrower. Just let us live the fantasy, okay?

There’s a second location in Montreal.

All aboard the express train to Montreal!

Official opening tonight! Friday, March 24th! *** Ouverture officielle ce soir, vendredi 24 mars! #lockhartmtl

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