Side Hustle 7/18/19: Top Ways To Be More Productive

How To Hustle This Week: Prioritize

A significant part of taking on a side hustle is learning how to maximize every second of your increasingly limited time. Regardless of how much people have on their plate, they still want a good work-life balance, and that means even more when you factor in a side hustle. Create a visual “chain” of consistency, so you not only track your progress but also appreciate the daily work you have put into your aspirations. Another good idea is to use your calendar for everything, not just specific appointments or meetings so you can actually get your to-do list done. Read on for more productivity hacks from author Emily Price. [Swirled]

“Hustle until you no longer need to introduce yourself.” – Anonymous

A Dose Of Inspo

From professor to lavender farmer. That’s the path that Wynne Wright took when she was considering retirement and wanted a hobby to keep her busy.  As an associate professor of sociology and community sustainability at Michigan State University, Wright researched the role of women farmers, which led her to lavender. After interviewing a female lavender grower, Wright spent four weeks one summer as an intern at the woman’s farm in southern France. She now spends about 40 hours a week toiling on at Sixteen Sprigs, her small-scale lavender farm on top of her full-time job. [Lansing State Journal]

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