These Are The Top Destinations For Street Food Around The World


Every city across the country and around the world has its own version of street food, but there are certain destinations that do it best. According to a survey, 51 percent of travelers are more likely to seek out local street food in Bangkok, and Taipei along with Hanoi, Istanbul, and George Town.

When it comes to cities for award-winning meals, one in five people prefer Michelin-starred restaurants. The top fine-dining cities include Rome, Dubai, Paris, Sao Paulo and London.

It’s not a surprise that food and travel go together, but it looks like food will be even more of a focal point of everyone’s trips in 2018. 41 percent of travelers plan to incorporate new food and drink destinations into their travel plans in the year to come. The number has gone up from the 29 percent who sought out new food and drink destinations in 2017.


Local food is playing the biggest role in travel right now with two-thirds of travelers wanting to eat local food and one in five who plan to travel to certain destinations to specifically for the food. In fact, if a destination doesn’t have a strong food presence, the survey found that 25 percent of travelers will avoid the destination altogether.

Social media and technology play a huge role in these numbers. Close to 29 percent of travelers will choose a destination based on restaurant reviews. Even the idea of taking pictures of niche food destinations plays a role with close to 31 percent of travelers planning to take more pictures of their food while traveling in 2018.

The survey polled more than 18,500 respondents from 26 countries.

Buckle up, 2018 is going to be filled with all kinds of food adventures.