Tomato Wine Is Thriving In Canada And It’s Time We Get On Board


Oh, Canada. There are all kinds of reasons why we admire our poutine-loving neighbors to the north, but tomato wine is an interesting one. We know there’s orange wine, blueberry wine, apple wine and ice wine, but the idea of tomato wine takes us into new territory.

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Omerto is a tomato wine producer in Québec, Canada. The pale, gold-colored wine is prepared with a blend of black and yellow heirloom tomatoes that are specifically grown in the city of Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec. The tomatoes give the wine its unique blend of sweet, acidic, bitter and savory components. It has a full body with some citrus, sour plum and nutty notes. It resembles a dry sherry with an ABV of 16 percent.

Omerto’s tomato wine is known as the first tomato aperitif sold on global markets, and it’s thriving in Canada. Similar to grape wine, the tomatoes are selected for peak ripeness and taste. All of the skin, pulp and seeds are used for a higher sugar concentration.

If you can get your hands on it, you should try Omerto’s tomato wine with spicy, curry and seafood dishes. Tomato wine could be the new rosé.